A Classic Rock Blog

As I sit at the foot of my bed, staring at my computer screen and listening to Eagles’ self-titled, 1972 debut album, I’m trying to think of the best way to introduce this blog to the internet.

The name Goodnight, Laurel Canyon is a nod to many of my favorite bands and artists, who spent their time in the Hollywood Hills of the ’60s and ’70s. I’m here to share my life in pursuit of music.

This afternoon, I was walking along Long Beach’s Retro Row in the sunshine, carrying a copy of Paul McCartney’s first solo album, which I had just picked up at Third Eye Records. As I passed Lola’s, where there are tables and umbrellas set near the road in a little patio, a man in his sixties said, “That’s a great album.” I turned to agree with him, standing just outside the patio, and he added that McCartney was the best thing Paul ever did. I asked if he really thought so, and he asked if I had ever heard it, adding, “He released that while the Beatles were breaking up, and I remember listening to that album and thinking that this was Paul McCartney saying, ‘I was the Beatles.'”

I’ll probably never see the man again, I didn’t even catch his name, but I shook his hand before I left him to his late lunch. This is one of the reasons I love music, because it allows me opportunities to connect with other people in unexpected, brief, genuine, sometimes enlightening ways.

Content will vary, as I have time to pursue the things I’m interested in. For now, I anticipate sharing concerts I go to, record stores I find, records I buy, people I meet, playlists I make, thoughts on the music I love, and whatever else my pursuit of music looks like, day to day.

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